Theron Johnson, Real Estate Advisor

Theron spent the first 17 years of his professional career in the hospitality industry. With a background in partnership development and client relations, the transition into real estate was a simple one when the opportunity to join the Thrive team presented itself.

Theron and his wife Erin (yes, rhyming names!) both grew up in small towns in Kansas. They met while attending Kansas State University where Theron earned his degree in Marketing and International Business and Erin earned her degree in Landscape Design and Horticulture Therapy. Early on they made a pact that, if they were ever to get married and have kids, giving them names that rhymed wasn’t an option! They stuck to that pact and now have 2 sons, Owen and Gavin, that keep them on their toes.

When he isn’t helping his wife take care of their energetic young boys, Theron loves to golf, play softball and bake. His chocolate chip cookies have become a favorite at gatherings, so don’t be afraid to ask him to share!

Favorite quote:

“I get a lot of compliments on this. Plus, it’s not a man purse. It’s called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one.” -Zach Galifianakis as Alan, The Hangover